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Step 1: Find the Vehicle of Your Choice

Choose from our wide range of new and quality used vehicles, we've got ample supply and will ensure you
find what fits your needs. Once you've found it, simply click on the vehicle name to open its
information page.

Step 2: Click the Structure My Deal button

On the vehicle information page, simply click the "Structure My Deal" button or scroll down the page to
the "Structure Your Deal" section.

Step 3: Customize Your

All-inclusive pricing lets you create your own terms. Here you can play with all of the available
purchasing options, from the type of purchase, payment terms and frequency, down payment and in some
cases incentives or rebates.

Step 4: Looking to Trade-In for
Something Newer?

If you elect to trade-in your existing vehicle as part of your new vehicle purchase, simply enter the
information about your Trade into the displayed fields and then click the "Get my trade-in estimate"
button. Click the "Return to Deal" button and if you have an amount still owing on the vehicle you're
trading in, simply enter it into the newly displayed box, "Trade-In Owing".

Step 5: Check out available
Protection Plans

Click "Review Protection Products" to be taken to the protection plans available for the vehicle you
have chosen. Here you can select the ones you want, and then when you're finished scroll back up to the
top and click the "Return to Deal" button. It's that easy!

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Step 6: Applying for Credit has
Never Been Easier

Simply click the "Apply for Credit" button and enter your information where prompted to do so. In the
section titled "Book an Appointment", you can either enter a preferred date or leave it blank. After
reviewing accuracy, just click "Submit Your Application". You will be provided a reference number, so
take a screenshot or write it down on a piece of paper with the information you wrote down previously.

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Step 7: Submit Your Application Online
and We'll Get in Touch!

Once your information is received, a member of our team will respond to you within an hour to confirm your
information and get started with the purchasing process. With automotive digital retailing, the entire process
can be completed through email, a scan-to-computer printer and phone, leaving the only physical interaction
being the delivery of your new, fully sanitized vehicle right to your door.

Let Us Help You Purchase Your Vehicles Completely Online

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