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Reports the financial condition of the total dealership to the dealer/general manager regularly and accurately. Provides sales and expense analyses summarizing potential problem areas and opportunities for improved profitability relative to monthly and annual forecasts.

Automotive Controller - Essential Duties

  • Prepares a complete financial statement monthly according to dealership guidelines and within the manufacturer's format and time frame. Ensures the manufacturer accounts, including warranty claims, rebates, interest protection and co-op advertising are current and accurate.
  • Prepare payroll,check and submit payroll, hand out paystubs (ADP) and post
  • Maintain the employee's benefits
  • Interprets the financial statement and the daily operating control (DOC) regularly and informs dealer of developing trends.
  • Participates in the preparation of short- and long-term financial forecasts for the dealership.
  • Prepare cheques for miscellaneous items
  • Provides department managers with detailed financial and management reports.
  • Directs assessment of depreciation rates to apply to capital assets.
  • Reviews the general ledger and scheduled accounts. Notes any unusual entries and investigates.
  • Stays abreast of tax code revisions and advises dealer regarding any operational adjustments needed to accommodate revisions.
  • Prepare and summit HST/ Tire tax (RRFB)and other online payments
  • Prepare monthly accounts receivables statements, process monthly cheque run
  • Prepare ,summit and handout T4
  • Prepare year end files and external accountants
  • Maintain records for numbered company(spreadsheet)
  • Process daily cash
  • Post Office, Registry of motor vehicles, and bank pickup and drops
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable government finance regulations, including filing and/or maintaining of required forms, payroll taxes and deposits, income taxes, retirement plan records etc.
  • Meets with dealer to evaluate all insurance renewals.
  • Coordinates annual audit (or review) and physical inventory.
  • Continually strives to improve data integrity and information reporting throughout the dealership.
  • Process customers credit card payments
  • Help answering phones
  • Handle petty cash
  • Post some payables invoices
  • Give help/ direction to the account payable clerk
  • Stock in new/used vehicles
  • Process vehicle deals, calculating commission for sales staff
  • Other tasks as assigned.

please e mail any questions/ resumes to scarey@kentvillechrysler.com

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